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formula1 YES ITS REAL!
Race an actual (F1) Forumla1 car.
This is a whole day event.
Complete training, full safety. professional track and staff.
Put you skills to the test and see how fast you can race these speed machines, we dare you!

This is an experience you will never forget. A perfect gift for the speed enthusiasts.
Diablo This Experience starts at $3,395.00 for an entire day.

Your schedule for this amazing day will be:
7:45 am arrive at the track.
Breakfast and overview of event.
receive equipment: suits, hoods, gloves, shoes and helmets.
Ground school on safety, weight transfer, braking and driving
Reconnaissance of the track with instructor in a street car.
First track run in a Formula 2000.
Critique and individual feed back from instructors.
Second track run in a Formula 2000.
Briefing and Formula 1 ground school.
Formula 1 track runs start
5:00 pm school ends with the presentation of a Formula 1 certificate.
Breakfast and lunch are fully catered and additional refreshments are available throughout the day.
In total you will drive over 20 miles in the Formula 2000 cars and over 7 miles (4 laps) on track in your Formula 1 racecar. A video camera placed on top of the car allows you to review and analyze your driving skills.
For racing fans and dreamers alike this is a day like no other - you will be treated like a champion from beginning to end and you will leave knowing what it feels like to take the checkered flag in a Formula 1 Grand Prix championship race

PRICE: $3,395.00

This is a full day event, starting at 7:45 AM.

There will be a maximum of 12 other drivers on the program.

Up to 3 guests are welcome for a nominal fee of $75. This fee will allow a guest to several activities including meals, track reconnaissance with instructor onboard a shuttle, ground school (as room permits), pit access, go behind safety rails for photos or video.

This F1 driving season is from September through May.

What to Wear
Come wearing comfortable lightweight clothing. Pilots will be provided with all necessary equipment, including suits, hoods, gloves, shoes and helmets.

Additional Information
You will be driving real Formula 1 racecars fitted with V8 Ford Cosworth HB engines, as used by Michael Schumacher in his 1994 Championship season. Each car has actually raced in Formula 1 Grand Prix.
Drivers should be at least 18 years of age with a valid drivers license. There is a height limit of 6'5", a weight limit of 230lbs/105kg and a shoe size limit of 12(US)/46(Eur).
Additional laps may be bought for $395 per lap.

Formula 1 experience
Let me make this clear, you will race a REAL F1 car around a professional track.

Formula 1