Rental Policies and FAQ's


Rental Duration

Vehicles: One 24 hour period constitutes a rental day. Half days (9am-5pm) are available on certain vehicles during the weekdays.   We offer a 1 hour grace period on vehicle returns, otherwise, a late charge (pro rated hourly) will be applied.

Limousines: Limousines are rented on an hourly basis and require a minimum of 3 hours Monday-Thursday, and 4 hours Friday-Sunday.  If you need the vehicle for additional time, it will be billed at the hourly rate.

Age Requirements
You need to be 25 or older to rent an exotic vehicle; in certain circumstances, 21 or older with qualifications. You need to be 18 or older to rent a limousine or chauffeured vehicle.

Other Requirements
A valid driver’s license, credit card, and proof of full coverage auto insurance.  We also reserve the right to check a driving record with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Making a Reservation
We’ll need your name and contact information.  You can reserve a vehicle for a certain day with a 40% (of the full rental price) non-refundable deposit via credit card over the phone.

Rescheduling a Reservation
In the event that you choose to rent a vehicle on another date, please call us.  We can cater to your request as long as it does not conflict with someone else’s reservation.

Canceling a Reservation
We can cancel a reservation and your 40% non-refundable deposit will be treated like a credit with us and will be good for future rentals.

If the vehicle that you have reserved is destroyed, damaged, or undeliverable, we will try to replace it with a similar vehicle. In the unlikely event that we cannot, we will refund your money.

Payment Methods
Limousine rentals can be paid with cash, debit, or credit cards.  Vehicle rentals must be paid with a credit card.  An authorization (not a charge) ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 (depending on vehicle) will be applied to the card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.  In certain circumstances, cashier’s check or cash can be accepted. No personal checks.

Additional Drivers
Additional drivers are allowed, but must meet the same requirements as the primary driver. An additional fee may apply.

Vehicle Delivery
Most multi-day rentals are free of charge.  Single-day rentals can be delivered at a rate of $1-$2 per mile.  Deliveries within 20 miles of vehicle location are also free of charge.  Limousines can also be delivered to different markets if not already there. Please ask for details.

Airport Delivery or Pickup
Our limousines can pickup at the airport, and rented vehicles can be delivered there. Additional fees may apply.

For vehicle rentals, renters are required to have full coverage insurance.  We will verify coverage limits with your insurance company.

Out of State Rentals
You are allowed to take the vehicles out of state, just let us know in advance.  Driving outside of the United States is not permissible.

Fuel Policy

Each vehicle is delivered with a full tank of gasoline, and must be returned that way. A charge of $7.00 per gallon will be applied for any vehicles not refilled.  Please only use premium grade fuel.

Tickets and Accidents
You are responsible for all tickets, violations, fees, penalties, towing charges, and impound costs. In the event of an accident, exchange information with others involved. First contact authorities and then contact us.

Prohibitive Uses

  • Racing (track, rally, endurance, demonstration, off-road, etc,)
  • Towing
  • Illegal purposes
  • No smoking is allowed in the vehicles

Most vehicles come with 100 miles per day. Each additional mile is $.75 unless otherwise stated.


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