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Available immediately: Level B7 (presidential level)

Showrooms in California, South Carolina, UAE and Dubai (delivered anywhere)
We have a huge selection of armored cars and trucks available for immediate delivery.
Our inventory ranges from ultra luxury to full SWAT transportation.
Do you own a special car? We can custom armor any car with any level of protection.

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(serious inquiries only) Discreet, licensed, professional services.

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Delivery available nationwide.

Automatic Level 4 Protection (AK 47 resistant)
8 Cyl 5.3 L
4 door /td>

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Bullet Proof Tahoe

The benefits of buying a bullet proof car or armored vehicle is priceless.  Most people do not consider armored vehicles yet they will spend as much as it would cost for an armored car for their stereo system and rims.  So instead of getting a fancy stereo system and shiny rims for your car, you can buy a bullet proof car and have the safety that can protect lives.

Bullet Proof front
You can contact us for a list of bullet proof cars for sale.  You may even wish to consider getting your existing car armored.  Most bullet proofing companies can armor any vehicle  However, you must consider that the armor plates will add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle and you should have a car that can support that type of weight.

Before you buy a bullet proof car, contact us for information on different levels of armoring and other options.

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